Thursday, March 14, 2013


Still alive...

Sooo... Haven't posted for so long~ :(
Hmm.. I'll just give some updates on what I've been doing..

1. I graduated from high school. Miss my girl-friends T.T
2. Enroled to Binus University in Jakarta, Indonesia, Architecture major.
3. Currently is in Jakarta.
4. No longer single ;)

So that's it. I'll post something meaningful some other time.. hahaha

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eighteenth Birthdays (part 2)

I'm so so so soooooo SORRY for not posting for such a long time.

Really, I have no excuse this time.
I had no school, no homework, no anything! I was just lazy.... *imagine a shameful emo here*

So, where was I? Oh right! The birthdays:

My birthday is on 17th of July, two days after my bff Priscilla's bday. There's nothing special really, I went to Petra University to meet my friends who were finishing their orientation program. I knew afterwards that Yoan and Icil were planning to surprise me at my house, but I was already at Petra. After that, I went karaoke-ing with Merin and Bobby. Then I hang out at Merin's new dorm. Around 7pm, Yoan told me to go to Grand City Mall where I met her and Icil and she gave me my birthday gift.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eighteenth Birthdays

Notice the plural word in the title? That's because I'm gonna talk about two birthdays!

My girl-friend Priscilla, my super cute sweet (sometimes annoying) bff was turning 18 on 15th of July!
So, we (my other bff, Yoan, and me) decided that we were going to surprise her. 

I didn't tell Priscilla that I was gonna come back from Jakarta to Surabaya that very morning. She thought that I would still be in Jakarta for another week. The plan was to pretend that we were both out of town and surprise her at her house, then hose her down at her yard *evil laugh muahahahaha*.

BUT... in the morning....
She went out!
I mean, she went out for lunch with her grandma. That alone is not too bad, but she TURNED OFF her phone! We didn't know where she was, who she's with, when she's coming back.... The plan was ruined! 

OMG you're not suppose to turn off you're phone on you're birthday! How are we suppose to scare the cr*p out of you (ok, sorry 'bout the language, too excited).

But then Yoan remembered that Priscilla texted her that she was eating at "The Duck King" before she turned off her phone. We assumed, since the closest "The Duck King" from Priscilla's house is in Galaxy mall, that she was there. So there we went. 

Apparently, she wasn't. We found out hours later from her maid that she was in another mall. 

Imagine how we felt. We were at the wrong place, with no idea when she was gonna be back, with huge bags that we had to carry around (the birthday cake was in there). We looked ridiculous. The fact that we met some people from school didn't help either.

By then, we really didn't care if she find out about the surprise. All we wanted to do was meeting her. Finally, a couple hours later, she finally replied Yoan's texts and said that she was at her house. We quickly gathered our stuff and catch a cab to her house. We hid in the corner of the street and asked her to come out. 

When she came out, she was definitely surprised to see me! She told me later that she had no idea that I would fly back in time for her birthday. Seeing her expression, it was worth it. Hahaha.. 

her birthday cake
she treated us to a nice dinner afterwards
Happy birthday Priscilla~ This post is dedicated to you.. wkwkwk

Part 2 is coming.