Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Sweet Seventeen Birthday Dinner

Yesterday (July 17th 2011) was my birthday~ Yey~! ^^

To celebrate, I invited my friends to a dinner. here's the invitation, my friend Merin designed this for me..

Even though there's a huge RSVP sign, only several of my friends seem to understand the meaning of it, it kinda piss me off a bit..

Anyway, the dinner was lovely, my friends surprised me TWICE!

After main course, one of my friends brought me to the toilet (it's outside the cafe) and when we came back my friends were standing in front of the cafe with a cake.. They even brought confetti and fireworks.
After I blew the 17 candles, we came back to the cafe when suddenly my classmates started singing "Happy Birthday" with another cake! My classmates gave me a huge kitten doll, a small kitten doll, and a shaun the sheep doll. They said it's because I'd been talking about wanting to have a cat pet, but I couldn't because of my allergy, so they bought me dolls instead. They totally listened to me........kyaaaa >o< .
The last doll is a bit unrelated though =.= .

omg.. my gum is showing, i was too happy >.<
Anyway, thanks guys, you're the best!!! I love you all!!!

By the way, this particular gift is shocking:
the leopard pattern O.O
It's probably payback from Yoan since I bought her purple zebra patterned shoes for her birthday =.=".

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